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To be sold only in California. In 2002, we produced only a half barrel of this lovely, fruity and rich wine, and we made it into wine because I have always thought the near disappearance of this variety is a sad loss, and I am hoping to increase the yield slightly in future years by replanting missing vines. Once considered a "standard" variety on the North Coast, in recent years it has almost disappeared. One reason may be that we can no longer call it by its charming old name, "Napa Gamay," on the label. Apparently this grape has proven to be what the French call Valdigiué, and the familiar old California name had to go. Another reason for its near disappearance is probably that it is a variety that does best in the mountains. But that's where we are at York Creek, and I enjoy keeping the tradition alive. At its best - and that's what we have with this release - there is a mysterious and hearty fruitiness that almost reminds you of Pinot Noir.

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$24.00 : 750ml

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