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We have only about 500 Pinot Blanc vines, which in a good year produce 2 or 3 barrels of finished wine. We crush the grapes "whole cluster" in our press and ferment the juice slowly in French Oak, using the sur lie method. I think this is the very model of what a delicate white wine should be. It is not pungent like a big Chardonnay, for Pinot Blanc is subtle, and the wine is complex and delicious. We produce a lot of big rich reds, and it seems appropriate that our only white wine is delicate. And it seems to be a fact that this variety lends itself to a little age. It is delightful and fruity when young, and then with a little age it develops a deeper character, I say it "broadens" but that is just my attempt to describe a certain "something" that gives this white wine a bit of a serious character after some time in bottle. We usually produce about one bottle for every vine, or about 50 cases.
Current Vintage


This is my favorite of all our Pinot Blanc vintages, combining the typical young varietal character with a lovely French oak barrel character. After a nearly perfect growing season we had a very light crop so we produced only 45 cases of this wine, and it will soon be gone.

(45 cases bottled, aged in French oak barrels, 50% new)

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$22.17: 750ml


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